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[2] Global International Business Partner Wanted!!

投稿者: IB 投稿日:2017年 2月20日(月)10時42分38秒   通報

Global International Business Partner Wanted Bulletin Board / Entrepreneurial Entrepreneur Investment Investor Company Corporation

We are looking for corporate business partners with a view to global business development.
Please see the support contents below and contact me if you have any needs.

<Supportable Business Outline>

・Overseas IPOs
・Owner Change and Development: Resort Hotels, Golf Courses, Hospitals, Commercial Facilities, Energy Facilities, and Leisure Facilities
・Overseas Real Estate Investment, Long-Term Stay Abroad Travel, Tax Measures, Overseas Migration, Business Investor Visa & Permanent Residence Acquisition / Owner Change - Properties in Okinawa, Australia, and Hawaii
・Utilizing American Life Insurance & Individual Pension, Inheritance & Donation Taxation
・Owner Change - Impressionist Paintings, High Class Art, and Personal Properties
・Soil Cement Hardener Implementation & Large Scale Procurement of Heavy Machinery
・OEM; Mineral Water Bottle by Overseas Brand
・High-Value Credit Card Payment & Introduction of Online Automatic Payment System
・Electricity Cost Reduction Support
・Introduction of Leading Edge Medical Technology and Medical Treatment Systems
・Implementation of Japan’s Leading Edge Quantization Technology Security Camera
・Overseas Export Support on Trade Transaction Items and Science and Technology
・Support for Oversea Government & Corporate Management

If you reply, we will inform you about our company details etc.


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